September 8, 2015

Iceland Ring Road 2015


After some years on convincing my family that there are other vacation destinations besides Thailand, we booked flights and a RV to spend 2 weeks in Iceland, mostly on the the Ring Road (as we could not touch much inland roads with the RV). Going clockwise or anti-clockwise can be answered on the day you start the journey as local weather around the island will likely have a preferred route for you. Ours was against the clock. 


We never planned much ahead with our luxury camper (we felt like kings next to the brave people sleeping in tents, some of them hitchhiking along or biking!!!!!), where to spend the night. There was always a camp site nearby. With our local SIM cards (that we got at the Tourist Information in Reykjavik) we had great access to Internet almost everywhere to investigate a good stop for the next night. There was never a need to call ahead or reserve (this was end of August beginning of September).
Our camper

The Weather

The weather you ask? Well, as you probably heard, it changes every few minutes and it's true. The sunshine waking you in the morning is no indication of a nice sunny day. But except some light rain a couple of times, it was perfect. The clouds seem to be announcing rain all the time, but they never deliver. There is little chance you will not see the most beautiful rainbow ever.  



There is no shortage of waterfalls along the journey and there is a different one every few kilometers. Iceland includes the biggest waterfall in Europe: Dettifoss. 

The Horses

You can meet many of the 80000 Icelandic horses along side the road. Many places on the route offer horse rides where you can quickly verify their friendly demeanor. They don't need to be vaccinated as no horses are allowed to enter Iceland and any horse leaving Iceland (for e.g. competitions) may not return to the island nation. 

The Glaciers and Volcanos

The Route

The movie